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This quiz has 22 True or False questions that will allow you to assess the status of your self-worth. Read each statement and consider how much it corresponds with how you feel. Your answers should reflect your personal experience. Don’t judge your responses, just answer authentically as you go. Remember, these are True or False questions, so mark a T or F for every response.

1. It’s very important for me to be liked by everyone I meet.

2. I feel uncomfortable around successful and confident people.

3. I’m not a very worthwhile person.

4. I find myself doing more for others, even feeling used at times, so that people will like me.

5. I’m not as valuable as anyone else.

6. The need for approval from others comes before how I feel about myself.

7. I don’t have many unique qualities.

8. I have more unpleasant feelings about myself than I do pleasant ones.

9. Overall, I feel like a failure.

10. I wish I had someone else’s life.

11. Thinking I may have to confront someone makes me feel uneasy, and sometimes I get physically sick over it.

12. It’s very difficult for me to express myself.

13. I don’t like myself when others reject me.

14. I have to give all of myself in order to receive love.

15. I do a lot to try to make others happy, including ignoring my own needs.

16. I’m very sensitive to others’ comments.

17. I should never let people disapprove of my actions.

18. I sometimes feel like love is a transaction, and I’m “buying” my friends by always doing things for them.

19. I’m only as worthy as the amount of money I have in my bank account.

20. I know I do something right when I get praise from others.

21. I do things even if they don’t fall in line with my personal values.

22. I always accept the latest trends.

Scoring Your Answers

So, are you getting your worthiness from within or without? And how is this affecting your life? To find out, generate your total score by counting the number of times you marked True for your answer. Then read the section that corresponds with your score.

Between 16 and 22: If your score falls in this range, you’re getting your sense of worthiness from without. Living this way significantly affects your ability to live your own life, find your purpose, and have fulfilling relationships. It’s time to start making changes in your life so you can finally feel good enough!

Between 10 and 15: If your score falls in this range, your sense of worthiness sometimes comes from within and other times from without, depending on the situation. This is enough to affect your life in a negative way. It’s important for you to address this pattern, because it could become worse over time.

Between 5 and 9: If you fall in this range, you’re probably maintaining some good relationships, and your life hasn’t been significantly affected by feeling a lack of internal worthiness. You have the strength and resilience to know you’re worthy, regardless of your external circumstances. Keep in mind that scoring in this range reveals you still have some tendencies to seek worthiness outside yourself, which could create some downfalls in your life. Keep building on your internal strength in an effort to bring down your score.

4 or less: If your score is in this range, you have a strong sense of worthiness that comes from within. However, it wouldn’t hurt to identify when you do seek approval from the outside, so that it doesn’t progress. This is a great time to create more self-awareness and learn some new tools that could spare you trouble down the road.

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