15 Best Books on People Pleasing for 2022

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People pleasers are those who seek to keep the peace and meet the emotional needs and demands of others, typically to the detriment of themselves and their own needs. Some people pleasers might struggle with setting interpersonal boundaries, apologize for things that do not warrant remorse and be unable to identify and voice their needs.

This behavior often develops as a maladaptive coping mechanism in the face of relational trauma, anxiety, or low self-esteem. If this resonates, and you would like to learn how to mitigate these behaviors, the good news is that many resources are available to aid and empower you on this journey.

These general guides will help you learn more about where people-pleasing behavior comes from, understand more about yourself, and learn how to set boundaries.

I am so grateful that my book on people-pleasing, “When It’s Never About You,” has made it to the list.

Are you struggling with People-pleasing? Check out the list by clicking the link.


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