How Do You Know When It’s Time to Rely on Self-help Books for Your Anxiety?

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Anxiety can be a debilitating and all-consuming. Many people don’t know what to do and/or where to turn when their emotions are taking over their life. Self-help books can provide a huge help in learning why you feel the way you feel, how to think in new ways and alleviate your intrusive emotions. Personally, I always found self-help books instrumental in my personal growth, so much so that that’s the main reason I decided to become a writer.

With that being said, when I was suffering from people-pleasing and anxiety, reading about people who suffered with similar issues and overcame them was very therapeutic and useful to me. I no longer felt like I was alone, or like I was different. I found hope in books. Below are some tips of when it might be time to rely of self-help books for your anxiety:

  1. You don’t understand why you are anxious
  2. You are constantly anxious and it’s just getting worse
  3. You have tried many different solutions but don’t see much progress
  4. The people in your life keep pushing you to seek help
  5. You don’t feel like anyone will understand you
  6. You are nervous to seek professional help

It’s never easy to go through life feeling anxious and like there isn’t anything that can help. Though, I can assure you that by learning more about what you’re experiencing and taking the time to read others’ experiences along with scientific research can make a HUGE difference in your life and level of anxiety.

Check out some of the self-help books that have been instrumental in my personal growth:

Speaking of reading about other people’s experiences and scientific research on exactly what you’re feeling, my latest book covers just that. You’ll feel empowered and start to see your anxiety as something you can control, rather than something that controls you.

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