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My Latest Podcast Interview:

How To Strengthen Your Relationships in Life Transitions


We talk about life transitions and family as a system in the discussion. How does a significant change in a couple’s or family’s life impact everyone? We discuss how the arrival of a child affects a couple. Having a first child is one of the most significant changes to the couple’s relationship, yet many couples are often unprepared for this important life change.

Another big life event that has a vast and often transformational impact on a family is the death of a family member. This is particularly true if this family member was very influential.

We explore some of the ideas of Bowen’s Family Systems Theory. Couples and families are emotional units where each member impacts the other and is interdependent. If there is change at one end of the system, it will affect everyone else.

We highlight how to manage anxiety in the coupled system. Couples in conflict are often in a high state of anxiety and need to regulate this first before they can resolve the conflict.


Click below to listen to the Interview:

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