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Award-Winning “Anxious for Answers” 

Now Available on Audible 

“So much more than just another ‘self-help’ book, Dr. Ilene S. Cohen’s ‘Anxious for Answers: The surprising truth about anxiety, and how you can master it for good!’ is an educational, inspirational ‘how-to’ guide that seeks to separate the ‘fact’ from the ‘myth’ when it comes to debilitating chronic anxiety…” -James W

“Dr. Ilene’s latest book, Anxious for answers, is a timely addition to furthering our understanding of anxiety. It is a straight forward, easy to understand, and useful guide to managing the stresses of life and relationships, with practical advice and strategies for calming one’s heart and quieting one’s mind…”Jim Rudes, Ph.D., LMFT, LCSW

“A highly informative, unique, and easy-to-read look at anxiety and how to understand and manage it with the proper tools and techniques.” -Sublime Book Review 

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Anxious for Answers is grounded in Bowen Family Systems Theory, which, when internalized, allows people to view their anxiety through a different lens, and in turn, master it. I have witnessed firsthand the many possibilities this “radical” approach offers:

* Learn to “self-soothe”– finding the serenity within you.
* Preserve your inner calm in the face of life’s chaos.
* Lead a less anxious, more conscious and more intentional life.
* Build better relationships and make better life decisions.
* Train yourself to stop reacting to old childhood “programming.”

Anxiety may be a fact in your life, but with Anxious for Answers as your guide, you’ll learn to better manage it while opening the door to a calmer, richer, and more fulfilling life.

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