When It’s Never About You

In, “When It’s Never About You: The People-Pleaser’s Guide to Reclaiming Your Health, Happiness and Personal Freedom,” I take a realistic and systemic look at what it means to be a people-pleaser. Guided by real-world examples and activities, you’ll learn…

  • How to reclaim a strong and balanced sense of self—while still being a “good person.”
  • How to break the harmful behavior patterns that keep you from being heard, listened to and respected.
  • Specific strategies for transforming yourself from selfless to “self-full.”
  • How to go from feeling “vanished” to being clearly
  • How to get what you want and need—while actually earning evenmore respect from others.

Anxious for Answers

In, “Anxious for Answers: The surprising truth about anxiety, and how you can master it for good!” I explain how the misconceptions about anxiety, i.e., it’s a “sickness” within an individual ― only exacerbates a tough ongoing challenge for those who wrestle with it.

I have witnessed firsthand the many possibilities the advice in this book offers:

  • Learn to “self-soothe”― finding the serenity within you.
  • Preserve your inner calm in the face of life’s chaos.
  • Lead a less anxious, more conscious and more intentional life.
  • Build better relationships and make better life decisions.
  • Train yourself to stop reacting to old childhood “programming.”

It’s Within You

In, “It’s Within You: A Detailed Road Map to Igniting Deeper Self-Worth, Richer Relationships and Greater Personal Freedom” we help you to explore where your self-worth is coming from; within or from without.

In our book you’ll learn how to harness a new, stronger self-worth to:

  • Respond to real-life issues with healthy emotions and behaviors, not destructive ones.
  • Become the source of your own thoughts and emotions.
  • Stop taking the things people say about you so personally.
  • Easily let things go.

This Isn’t Working for Me

It’s no secret that maintaining fulfilling relationships can be challenging. We often find ourselves stuck in cycles of misunderstandings and hurt feelings, even with our closest companions. Relationship experts Edrica Richardson and Ilene Cohen have explored this in their guide on building and sustaining fulfilling relationships.

The guide emphasizes the importance of self-empowerment and understanding the science behind our emotional responses. It offers six steps to crafting strong relationships, focusing on resilience, trust, and a firm sense of self. This involves understanding what happens in our brain and body when we’re upset and learning to transform impulsive reactions into chosen responses.

Creating fulfilling relationships doesn’t mean sacrificing your boundaries or desires for peace. Rather, it encourages you to embrace who you are fully. By doing so, you can take control of your life, let go of blame, and foster healthier, happier relationships with those you love.


Adios Anxiety

Ready to MASTER your anxiety? It’s not easy to go through life when you feel a huge weight of anxiety holding you back. 

Adios, Anxiety will guide you in the process of finally getting relief from your anxiety.

This reflective journal is filled with thought-provoking quotes, questions to ponder, and activities that inspire a new level of self-awareness through writing. You can write your way through anxiety and find new ways to express yourself with activities and journaling exercises that give you a new way to think.

Not Enough You

Not Enough You” is a guided journal filled with research-based ideas designed to help you manage anxiety, nurture your values and goals, and start making real changes in your life and relationships. By finally taking the time to focus on yourself, you can open the door to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. A lifestyle that includes YOU in it.

This reflective journal is filled with thought-provoking quotes, questions to think about, and activities that inspire a new perspective. Through the process of completing the journal exercises, you can identify unhelpful patterns and make life-changing adjustments. It’s time to commit to happiness by committing to bringing out the best in YOU.


Let go and learn to forgive. Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting what happened or returning to the way things were before: it means choosing to release resentment and live a freer, happier life. For anyone seeking a starting point on the path to forgiving themselves or someone else, The Forgiveness Workbook can light the way.

This simple and straightforward guide gets right to the heart of what forgiveness means and why it can feel so hard to do. Explore all the ways that practicing empathy and forgiveness encourages healing and growth, with activities, quizzes, and guided prompts that offer support for every step of the process.

Go deeper than other personal growth books with:

  • Six steps to moving on―Find a road map of what to expect along the journey, with chapters that clearly break down the six stages of forgiveness.
  • Focus on self-empowerment―Learn how a willingness to forgive helps build resilience, healthier relationships, and a stronger sense of self.
  • The science of forgiveness― Understand what happens in the brain and body when you hold in negative feelings―and the benefits of leaving them behind.

Find strategies for releasing blame and moving on with The Forgiveness Workbook.