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Discussing difficult topics with honesty, enthusiasm, and when appropriate humor.

Psychology For Millennials By Millennials

Happiness is Not a Destination But a Journey

Happiness: it’s something we all search for. How we go about doing so, however, makes all the difference, and it’s something Dr. Ilene Strauss Cohen, a psychotherapist and adjunct professor at Barry University, is particularly interested in…


Ethan Bearman KGO•810

5 Simple Steps to Daily Happiness

Savvy, witty and curious, Ethan unearths truths and upends the status quo with his razor sharp intellect and penetrating style….


Psychology Today

The Pursuit of Happiness Actually a Source of Unhappiness?

I’ll be happy when I get that job I applied for; I’ll be happy when I get that purse I’ve been saving up for; I’ll be happy when I’m in a relationship; I’ll be happy when…


I Do Podcast

Dealing with Emotional Triggers and Thinking Separately

In this episode we discuss relationship advice topics that include:

  • Why commitment is the baseline and foundation of a relationship.
  • Why it’s important to think separately from your partner in a relationship…


The Matt Townsend Show

When Guilt Keeps You From Setting Boundaries

People whose beliefs are motivated by guilt often fail to set necessary boundaries in their relationships. This guilt comes from believing that prioritizing oneself over others is wrong. Ilene S. Cohen with some ideas no why we feel that guilt…


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Dr. Ilene has the ability to discuss difficult topics with honesty, enthusiasm, and when appropriate humor. She is a psychotherapist, avid blogger, and adjunct professor with the knowledge to both engage her audiences and leave them with ideas that can help them change their lives.

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